Category: Motion Graphics

Urban Engineering

A set of motion graphics sequences for use at presenting Urban Engineering. There’s no sound in these pieces as they’re designed to play whilst a speaker is talking to the audience. The project was produced in association with CreativeWax

HMV Social Networking Animation

HMV needed an animation sequence to kickstart a conference about their positioning in online social networks. The animation introduces the key concepts of web 2.0 design and structure by displaying screenshots of popular sites and giving the whole sequence a motivational feel by synchronising movement to the soundtrack. The work was carried out through Manchester [...]

Hillarys Blinds

This was part of a collection of animations produced through Code Computerlove for Hillary’s Blinds’ website. The process of creating blinds and the benefits and background information of the company, needed to be illustrated in an inventive way. Rather than just showing the manufacturing process through video footage, we painted the scenario by an infinte [...]

Crown Paints Sequence

A short motion graphics piece for Code Computerlove who were in the middle of developing Crown Paint’s new website. This sequence was produced to illustrate the development progress and to unveil some of the features of the site.

Tropical Airport

An airliner approaches the runway over a palm tree beach and passes overhead towards the airport. This could be used for travel or holiday themes or of course anything that involves aviation, business or blue sky. The file is full size HD – 1920×1080 and can be resized smaller with no loss of quality.

Money falling out of the sky – woo hoo!

British Pounds (Sterling) fall out of the sky and the money gently sinks down in front of a sunny blue sky. Even though this sequence is in front of a sky, you can remove the background by using the additional supplied alpha channel movie, and place it on your own background. This sequence will be [...]

World Communication and Connectivity

The earth revolves in space amid thousands of stars as lines of communication streak around the globe. This can represent a multitude of concepts such as connectivity, communication, air travel, migration, internet connections, global business and more. This sequence is designed to work as a background and text can be positioned to the right of [...]

Water Collision

Just been experimenting with Real Flow and Cinema… 2 jets of water collide and make a big splash and water drops set on a white background. This fluid clip is full high definition – 1920×1080 and includes a separate alpha channel so that you can drop it onto different backgrounds.

The Mountaineers – Ripen Animation

A promotional video for Mute/EMI band ‘The Mountaineers’. The video was shown on MTV2, The Box amongst other music channels.  The video tells the the Czech fairy tale of Little Otik compressed into less than 4 minutes. A couple long for a child. The man carves a tree stump into the shape of a child [...]

Inspiral Carpets – Come Back Tomorrow

A semi abstract cartoon extravaganza featuring the Inspiral Carpets – but instead of playing instruments they play…animals. Cartoon slapstick with a psychedlic feel. The video was shown on music channels such as MTV2, The Box, The Amp and also featured on GMTV.